Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre, Bengaluru
20 September 2020,  23:09  IST   


Tender Common Template Details
TenderNo: 1592 Tender Ref. Date: 13-05-2020
Tender Ref. No: LPSCB/PUR/2020E0204801
Instruction to Vendors (PT)
Sr No Description Value
1 STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS (PT) 1. The party and all his testing facilities shall be mandatorily based in Bangalore, India.
2. A sample shall be provided to assess the party competence in the technical scope, if necessary. The party shall perform the required tests and provide results within 5 days, based on which decision shall be taken to place the purchase order. The party shall mandatorily do these tests free of cost.
3. The party shall be mandatorily ISO/IEC 17025 NABL certified laboratory in the area of material test and analysis.
4. The party shall have minimum 5 years of experience in metallographic analysis and testing of parent material and welds of materials as mentioned in clause 1.2.
5. LPSC reserves the right to audit the party prior to and after the placement of purchase order or at any time felt necessary based on the performance of the party. If the party is found unfit, the rate contract is liable for cancellation and party may be blacklisted.
6. After the placement of purchase order, the tests as and when requested shall be completed within 5 working days from the date of receipt of the samples. The report shall be shared via email in case of urgency and subsequently two color hard copies of the same shall be submitted along with the invoice.
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